Has your PokerStars account been blocked? An attempt to solve the problem

PokerStars is blocked

If your PokerStars account was suddenly blocked, first of all, you should contact to support service of the poker room.

Let’s consider it in details…

Why was your PokerStars account blocked? 5 popular reasons

If you saw the message “Your PokerStars account is blocked” or something like that, it means that the following information is for you.

1. Connection with fraudulent or suspicious accounts is the most common reason

Example of a letter from PokerStars:

“During the standard inspection of your account, an unusual manner of your play grabbed our attention, therefore we decided to examine your account and games you have played in details. At this stage we would like to get explanations that could help us to conduct further investigation.

First of all, please explain in details your attitude to the following players:

“Nickname of the player”.

Here can be two more variants. Poker room wants to know:

1.1 Whether you transferred money or you were got money from other accounts or it wants to clarify suspicions in chipdumping.

1.2 Whether you transferred money or you were transferred the money from accounts which are already at the gunpoint or banned.

2. Multi-accounting (several accounts)

If you are clean person – write to support. Give all the arguments, data, scans, correspondence.

Creation of several accounts with the aim to get an advantage is strictly punished by PokerStars. Of course you can write to support, but refund is a maximum thing you can count on. Ban won’t be canceled almost in 100% of the time.   

3. The usage of prohibited soft

There is a list of prohibited soft at PokerStars site. If you used one of these programs, so your ban for account is entirely appropriate.

The first two rules concerning the prohibited soft at PokerStars:

A) It is prohibited any programs which allow sharing information about cards and create similar common databases or any other programs that encourage for collective team play against the opponents (cahoots).

B) It is prohibited all tools and services which use common databases about the players and played hands and also personal results of the players.

4. The usage of the bots (prompters)

Similar to the last point: if Security Service found out that your play is bot, in this case you are not able to avoid the ban. There can be mistakes in this “bot” definition because such checking is carried out by artificial intelligence besides the people.

There are cases when professional players got “luck chain letters” where they were blamed for using the bots or PokerStars just politely asked to give the facts about their innocence. Sometimes the players justified themselves after writing the letters to support, records of their play for camera and ban was canceled.

Recently this practice is more frequent. If you got the similar letter and you don’t have a couple of domestic bots – don’t panic. Explain the entire situation to a specialist of Support Service and it is likely that ban will be canceled.

5. Being under the legal age is the rarest reason

Unfortunately if you are under the age of 18 and you were banned, there is no sense to try to do something.

If you want your account not to be banned, take into account the above-mentioned possible reasons for blocking. You should remember that multi-accounting, prohibited soft, play under the age of 18 – all these are the direct path to blocking your account. PokerStars support doesn’t ignore suspicious actions.

How to write to PokerStars Support Service – support address

There are two ways to contact with support:

A) Through the client

Click “Help” at the vertical panel on the right and then “Contact support service” on the left”, then press “Form of connection…”

B) Connection through e-mail

“Old-fashioned way”:  write e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]. If you have questions concerning the store or goods at the store of PokerStars, then you should send the letters to [email protected].  

Tips for contacting support service

  • Keep a civil tongue, otherwise you risk to be refused in servicing.
  • Your account can be blocked for a 3-month period due to the high workload of PokerStars security department, but usually everything is solved much faster (within a few weeks). That is why you shouldn't send a bunch of the same letters every day. You can send them e-mail and after receiving an answer from support, you need to respond quickly in order to speed up the process of resolving your problem. Please note that PokerStars security doesn’t work during week-end.
  • When contacting support, don’t lie and say everything as it really is.

It is impossible to contact with the room through the telephone or viber because there is no telephone of PokerStars support in the public access despite the demand and desire of people to communicate.

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