WCOAP at PartyPoker: Amateur Championship with $750 000 guarantee

WCOAP at PartyPoker 2020

PartyPoker and APAT prepared a good news for all poker amateurs. From 23 January to 7 February, the poker room will hold a series with $750 000 guarantee for recreational players.

Every tournament at WCOAP is perfect for amateurs, since all events will be held in a freezeout format with a limited time for late registration. Thus, the conditions will be equal for everyone, and you won’t face the fans of "endless" rebuys.

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The start of online series is scheduled for 24 January, and this day the tournament with $55 buy-in and $75 000 guarantee will be held. Each participant will start the game with a worthy stack of 50 000 chips and 250/500 blind level. The levels will rise every 15 minutes.

7 February will become a key day of series, as two Main Events are scheduled for that day. The players will fight for $150 000 guarantee for $109, and those who will pay $11 buy-in will receive a ticket with $20 000 guarantee.

Full schedule of PartyPoker WCOAP Series

DateTime (UTC)TournamentBuy-in
24.01.2119:15WCOAP #02 – 6-Max Knockout Championship: $75K Gtd$55
24.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini 6-Max Knockout: $10K Gtd$5,50
25.01.2119:15WCOAP #03 – Mix-Max Championship: $25K Gtd$55
25.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini Mix-Max: $5K Gtd$5,50
26.01.2119:15WCOAP #04 – PLO8 Knockout Championship: $15K Gtd$55
26.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini PLO8 Knockout: $3K Gtd$5,50
27.01.2119:15WCOAP #05 – High Roller Championship: $75K Gtd$265
27.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini High Roller: $15K Gtd$27,50
28.01.2119:15WCOAP #06 – FL 7 Card Stud Championship: $2.5K Gtd$55
28.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini FL 7 Card Stud: $500 Gtd$5,50
WCOAP #07 – PLO Knockout Championship: $15K Gtd$55
29.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini PLO Knockout: $3K Gtd$5,50
30.01.2119:15WCOAP #08 – 6-Max Championship: $25K Gtd$55
30.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini 6-Max: $5K Gtd$5,50
31.01.2119:15WCOAP #09 – Knockout Championship: $75K Gtd$55
31.01.2119:15WCOAP Mini Knockout: $10K Gtd$5,50
01.02.2119:15WCOAP #10 – PLO8 Championship: $10K Gtd$55
01.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini PLO8: $2.5K Gtd$5,50
02.02.2119:15WCOAP #11 – Heads-Up Championship: $10K Gtd$55
02.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini Heads-Up: $1K Gtd$5,50
03.02.2119:15WCOAP #12 – Super High Roller Championship: $100K Gtd$530
03.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini Super High Roller: $20K Gtd$55
04.02.2119:15WCOAP #13 – PLO Championship: $10K Gtd$55
04.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini PLO: $2.5K Gtd$5,50
05.02.2119:15WCOAP #14 – Turbo Knockout Championship: $40K Gtd$55
05.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini Turbo Knockout: $7.5K Gtd$5,50
06.02.2119:15WCOAP #15 – Turbo Championship: $20K Gtd$55
06.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini Turbo: $4K Gtd$5,50
07.02.2119:15WCOAP #16 – Main Event: $150K Gtd$109
07.02.2119:15WCOAP Mini Main Event: $20K Gtd$11

Medals and bracelets for champions

Any poker player, who has played at APAT at least once, knows that the top-3 finalists are awarded the medals. The winners of any WCOAP tournament at PartyPoker will receive the same medals.

So, you need to take the first three places in any WCOAP event and you will receive a gold/ silver/ bronze medal in addition to your prize money. Moreover, the winner of each championship receives a special bracelet!

Table of series leaders

You might want to play as many WCOAP tournaments as possible, not only because the tournaments are worthwhile, but also because you earn the points for the table of series leaders.

The participant recognized as a player of WCOAP series, gets a free entry to MILLIONS Main Event for $5 000! This prize is only available to APAT members, so make sure that you have registered your free APAT account and participate in this community.

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