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Yesterday, I decided to play a little poker, as there was absolutely nothing to do at night, it was the best I could afford) I started to open "Bounty Builders", and I tried the $3.30 tournament for myself, I was told earlier that a lot of weak players play in it, and that this tournament has a turbo structure, so I thought about it and decided to play it. And of course, I was convinced of the presence of weak players, namely thanks to this situation:

Indeed, they play it so-so) However, this is a too dispersive tournament, in rush hour, they can go every 50 minutes, and I can play for a session, 6 times) But, I still think about playing them) Meanwhile, I opened Pandora's box when I played this hand) Next, I lost all the all-ins, with a bigger advantage than my opponents, and it was terrible. The beginning of the game, after a rest, is "very enjoyable"...😐

My patience was only enough for 200 hands, I got a headache, and I finished the game, it was the most uninteresting start to the game that I can remember. It's Saturday and me kind of got a good sleep, although I've been doing repairs all day and I'm a little tired, but according to the plan I made, for the poker game, I need to play today) And I think I need to win! That's why I was late writing today's post, and I already have tournaments starting, and I need to hurry! 😎

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