What do we know about PokerStars chests?

Stars Rewards VIP program

The largest poker room in the world completely redesigned the previous loyalty system and introduced its users the new Stars Rewards VIP program, where special chests with prizes play a fundamental role. In this regard, PokerStars users have a bunch of questions and we will answer these questions in this article.

What are the types of chests in Stars Rewards Pokerstars program?

In total, there are six chests of different types which have different values. The value of all chests is distributed according to the color: blue, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and black.

Stars Rewards chests in 2019

PokerStars chests

Stars Rewards chests in 2017

Initially, the PokerStars chests were in different format and in different colors: red, blue, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Types of chests in Stars Rewards Pokerstars program

What are inside the Stars Rewards chests?

When the user collects a certain number of play points and fills the progress bar, he will get an access to a certain chest. By opening the chest, the player is guaranteed to become the owner of reward which is determined randomly.

Rewards can be various: cash, tournament tickets, StarsCoin, points for the next chest. Despite the fact that rewards are distributed randomly, they relate to the characteristics of the player. For example, a person who mainly plays poker will get prizes related to poker. A gambling enthusiast will become the owner of casino award – freespins, special deposit bonuses and other.

PokerStars chests. What is the probability of prizes?

Below you will find information about the value of rewards and probabilities for different types of gifts. Please note that this table contains the standard sizes of awards without additional super awards. The number of gifts per day is unlimited.

200 in 1 000$0,60$0,60$1,5$5$12,5$35
400 in 1 000$0,60$0,72$1,8$6$15$42
200 in 1 000$0,60$0,84$2,1$7$17,5$49
100 in 1 000$0,60$1,2$3$10$25$70
65 из 1 000$0,60$3,6$9$30$75$210
25 in 1 000$0,60$6$15$50$125$350
10 из 1 000$0,60$12$30$100$250$700

What does the number of Stars Rewards points for opening chest depend on?

The necessary number of points for opening chest depends on the type of chest and particularities of your PokerStars profile. As it is explained in the poker room, the requirements for points depend on such factors: the number of deposits, game activity and type of the game.

How to earn Stars Rewards Points

PokerStars 2019 VIP system points are earned by players when playing poker, casino and betting on sports. In poker, for every $1 of tournament rake, a player gets 45 Stars Rewards, and for every $1 of rake in cash games and Zoom tables, 100 points. 

The new Stars Rewards loyalty program was introduced at PokerStars in early July 2017. The previous statuses of users of the site have been abolished. The latest update to the PokerStars VIP system was made in July 2019.

🕐 Is there expiration date for PokerStars Chests?

Yes, the validity period for each chest doesn’t exceed 3 calendar months. In the case if PokerStars user hasn’t opened his chest before the expiration date, it will be annulled and cannot be restored. The received awards also have a validity period, you can find it in the "My Stars" section.

🎁 Where did the red and platinum chests go?

After the Stars Rewards update on PokerStars, the colors of the chests changed, as did the format of their contents. In 2019, there is a blue, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and black gift (chest) at PokerStars.

📈 Why is my progress bar not correct?

The progress bar on PokerStars is reset if the player has not received a single gift within 28 days. It is also transferred to the previous level of gifts. At the same time, the player receives a gift of a lower level, if at the time of resetting the progress bar it was filled by more than 50% (applies to players of 2 and above levels).

🎉 How to get a super reward?

The new PokerStars VIP system, in addition to the usual prizes, offers a whole list of super rewards which can be obtained at any time when opening a chest of any color. It can be a cash prize in the amount of several thousand dollars, a huge number of coins (StarsCoin), the participant package for live poker event or tickets to large online tournaments.

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