What happened to them? Sara Underwood

Sara Underwood 2019

If you have been interested in poker and followed the news, then you should know this girl by sight. Her name is Sara Underwood and many people mistakenly consider her a professional poker player.

In addition, the girl is almost always included in the "sexiest poker girls" collections.

But it wouldn’t be right to call her “poker pro”. Sara really knows poker rules and enjoys the game, but she’s never played at the professional level. The girl became famous because, in the early 2010s, she became an ambassador of the Victory Poker room, which operated for a year, but caused a lot of noise and gathered many successful professional players among its Team Pro.

Victory Poker

She played with the patch of Victory Poker in a pair of tournaments. And after the room was closed, there was almost no news about her. It can be said that she left poker and continued her career in modeling.

How is the girl doing now?

Currently, Sara Underwood is a model and a blogger. She and her boyfriend Jacob Witzling started a YouTube channel where they show their lives in the process of eco-settlement building.

Sara Underwood 2019

Jacob builds special wooden houses, most of which are mobile or “portable”. Sara helps him in this difficult process.

Sara Underwood boyfriend

Judging by the recent couple's videos - they are now creating a whole town of wooden houses in the rainforest.

Sara Underwood's life 2019

At the same time, Underwood continues to work as a fashion model.

Sara Underwood photos 2019

As you can see, there is no poker in her life at present.

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