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Hello, everyone!

Do you think that really a big bankroll is a significant step towards a successful game of poker?

Of course, it's hard to argue that a good and strong bankroll is a must, but many players are far out of step with these concepts.

In order to play the sane limits and also to climb them confidently enough, first of all, it is necessary to have an understanding of what will make you a plus player on your limit?

Due to what, will you be able to gain advantages over your other opponents?

Of course, a strong bankroll is necessary for every successful player, because it is a tool with which you will make money, but if we are not talking about playing on a permanent basis some limit, but about the desire to rise to a certain limit, our bankroll should be significantly less than some people think.

Because the time spent on overcoming the limits is no less important than your bankroll, you can not wait forever!

For simplicity, consider a small example:

A player who has decided to go up from nl2, has a $25 bankroll, he sets a goal:

" In six months, to get to nl25".

Do you think he needs a 50BI+ bankroll?

The answer is obvious - NO!

The main goal: to get to nl25, by any means, and already directly to nl25, it is desirable for the player to have a comfortable for playing bankroll, the level of which is determined by everyone himself.

One way or another, remember that no size of the bankroll, can not fall you from the Bay, if you do not have an advantage on the limit that you would like to play.

Thank you all for your attention, bye!

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Nice post 👍

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thank you, friend.

Vetal Expert

bankroll, a very important part of poker.

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