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When you know it's a mistake

Hello my dear guests,

I am stepping in the same pot hole again and again. Now it's not going to be about poker, cause I will be true with you all I played last 24h was a few 0.25$ spin n go, one of which was 2.50$ and everyone was credited 0.5$ right from the start, just for playing - that was nice. I lost that one and won a refular x2 tourney. 

This post is not really about poker, I made a huge mistake - biught a used phone at the electronics market, which is completly unusable. I needed one for my work, so I went to a retail store first and instead of buying a new one, which costs few bucks more - I bought a used one, that is nice on the outside, but inside like an old football shoe.

Now I am sitting and after hours of trying to fix everuthing, watching tons of videos and etc. I just poped open a bottle and trying not to worry about it at all. Tomorrow I will need to go to the store and buy a god damn new phone.

The minute I was paying fot the used one - I felt something wrong, that feeling reminded me of a feeling in poker, when you know you are behind, but still call.

Cheers guys,

San San

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🙌 ... inside like an old football shoe!  Hope you get it sorted 👌😁

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