Where to play Double or Nothing tournaments

Double or Nothing 2020

Double or Nothing (DoN) events are the tournaments of Sit&Go format in which the players either double their buy-in or win nothing. One half of the participants are left with nothing, but the other half get the prize twice the buy-in.

The task of the players is only to "stay alive" and it makes no difference which stack remains at the end of the game. Based on the results, the "survivors" get the same amount of winning. In these types of tournaments, as well as in other ones, there is a game strategy.

At the moment, DoN is not at the peak of its popularity, but there are poker rooms, which still offer such events. 

Double or Nothing at PartyPoker

PartyPoker 2020

At PartyPoker, Double or Nothing is presented in the classic format. 50% of participants get into prizes and they get these prizes regardless of their stack at the end of the event. 

As for the rake, the winner will get $39.16 of prize money in the tournament with $20 buy-in.

At Party Poker, there is Double or Nothing both with usual structure and in turbo format.

Double or Nothing at Winamax

Winamax 2020

Winamax is a European poker room that focuses mainly on French players. However, the registration in this poker room is also available for other residents of European countries who can try their hand in DoN tournaments.

Sit&Go games of this format are presented here with different buy-ins starting from 50 eurocents to 50 euros. In the event with €50 buy-in, 50% of participants will enter the prize zone and each of them will earn €94.   

Double or Nothing at 888poker

888poker 2020

Double or Nothing tournaments are also available at 888poker. The players can participate in them by paying different buy-ins: from 40 cents to $100.

In the tournament with $10 buy-in, the winners will get $18.86 due to the relatively high rake. In order to be profitable in the distance, you need to show a good play. 

Fifty50 at PokerStars

PokerStars 2020

The tournaments of Fifty50 format are presented in PokerStars lobby. They can be called a kind of Double or Nothing, but they have a significant difference.

50% of participants enter the prize zone, but their stack size is taken into account at the end of the event. Let’s consider the example:

If you reached the prize zone in Fifty50 for $100, you will get $95.86 + $3.19 for every 100 chips in your stack. The initial stack is 1 500 chips.

Pros and Cons of DoN tournaments

  • Every second participant will enter the prize zone.
  • This format is good for the newbies for building a bankroll.
  • You don’t have to make a lot of difficult decisions.
  • Due to the high rake, there is a big risk of going into the red in the distance.
  • The prize money for the 1st place is equal to 2 buy-ins, rather than 50% of the prize pool, as it is in the classic Spin&Go.
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