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Win it all: Film review

Released on March 11 2017, Win it all is a truly endearing feel good film that stars Jake Johnson as gambling addict Eddie, who despite his greatest efforts to change his life for the better, is in the full grip of an addiction to playing cards, but finds himself on the losing end every time.

Short of luck, out of touch with family and friends and going nowhere, Eddie visits his usual drinking hole after yet another loss of his pay check after a night of gambling, earnt from a mediocre job.  Drunk he heads home and finds a scary looking gangster sitting at his kitchen table!  The gangster has an interesting opportunity for Eddie.  Keep a black bag safe for the gangster, while he goes 'inside' for 6 months.  All Eddie has to do is put it away and forget about it and he will be paid $10,000 at the risk free for storing it!

Unfortunately, gambling addict Eddie can't resist temptation to look inside the bag (despite his best efforts not to) in which he eventually finds a rope, a hammer and cash...lots of cash!  The film begins with Eddie taking just $500 from the bag's contents and immediately hits a run of luck to generate a profit of $2000 plus dollars.  Of course he celebrates with friends that night and pretty much buys everyone in the pub drinks all night.  It is during this night he meets the girl of his dreams and a love story unfolds amidst the chaos.  Eddie soon loses the money he won, and turns to his 'sponsor' for help but things turn ugly before they get better when the money is gambled away.  

With Eddie's sponsors' advice he tries to change by getting a job at his brother's gardening business, but things soon turn sour when he is $20,000 in the red and he gets a phone call from prison.  It is the gangster who tells him he is getting released early and will be out within a week!  Now what will Eddie do?

This is the second time I've watched this film, and it was as an enjoyable a watch as the first time.  Excellent acting, an interesting plot and it really paints a picture of real life situations and troubles people get themselves into.  It delves into the underground world of Casino and high stakes gambling and shows that really great people, intelligent people, can easily be dragged into this world if they are not careful.  I could really sympathise for Eddie's plight and it was really interesting to find out what happened next, so I have made sure I haven't told you the ending.

Overall, I loved this film.  It heeds as a warning to any person who is tempted to get into gambling too deep and ultimately this film is about people, connections and growing up.  In the end, living a happy life is what is important, but of course this is easier said than done when temptation isn't staring us in the face, each and every day.  We must all grow up eventually or lose our chance for genuine happiness and comfort.  A very entertaining and emotionally moving watch, but there are also a lot of funny moments too.

Rating review: 9.5/10

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Good film!

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