Wolfgang Poker Sets Vlogging Record with 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Wolfgang Poker got 1 million followers on YouTube

Wolfgang Poker became the first ever poker vlogger to reach one million subscribers on YouTube. Last week, he showed off the "Gold Play Button" on his channel.​

What is his secret? This guy is far from a high roller, he has low and medium limits closer to his heart. But the extensive experience of the videographer, dynamic "shorts" and knowledge of YouTube algorithms allowed him to achieve his goal.

Who is Wolfgang Poker?​

The real name of the poker vlog star is Alexander Seibt. The guy was born on July 25, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. Alex got into content creation thanks to a random video where he was dressed as Justin Bieber. Somehow the video went viral on YouTube, after which he decided to develop a career in this direction.

Poker appeared in Alex's life a little later – the boy became interested in this game after participating in several home games with friends. In 2002, he created his YouTube channel "Wolfgang Poker", but remained invisible among other poker content creators for a long time.

That all changed with the launch of YouTube Shorts. Alexander immediately picked up the trend for short videos and began to rapidly gain popularity. Now his signature style of videos is copied by many players not only on YouTube, but also on TikTok and other social networks.

A Surreal Result of One Million Subscribers​

Wolfgang Poker currently has more followers than Daniel Negreanu (783,000), Brad Owen (701,000) and Douglas Polk (400,000). At the same time, he does not play expensive tournaments, but simply demonstrates some hands at cash tables offline. Mostly, the guy plays at low stakes.

"We've been growing rapidly in the last few months, and recently we reached a million subscribers – this is simply an unreal result. I didn't even think that this journey would take me this far," said Seibt a week ago.

What will Wolfgang Poker do next? Looks like he's going to get the next million followers. He hired a video editor and continues to play offline several times a week. Alex says that poker rooms and some brands pay him a lot of money for advertising – dreams really do come true.

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