WPN, WPT Global and GTO Wizard To Unite in the Fight against Cheating

WPN, WPTGlobal and GTO Wizard announced partnership

Phil Nagy (Winning Poker Network CEO) announced on Twitter the launch of a unique collaboration between his network, WPT Global and GTO Wizard (one of the top GTO applications). The essence of the partnership is to improve the security of the game and fight against cheaters.

During this year, the poker rooms of the WPN network have been updated several times to improve the security of the game. So, for example, they implemented 2-factor authentication (2FA) with a choice of several methods of obtaining a code. In August, WPN completely banned the use of virtual machines and remote access programs for playing in rooms. Running emulators and Team Viewer analogues for any purpose running at the same time as WPN software became punishable. Cooperation with GTO Wizard became a logical continuation of this policy.

What GTO Wizard Offers to Combat Cheaters

A little earlier, GTO Wizard announced the implementation of AI functionality, which will help increase the fairness of the game, namely:

  • Artificially increase the time for calculations, so that players cannot use their software as a prompt in real time;
  • Limit the number of solutions that a player can request per day and month (you can increase their number only by signing up for a more expensive subscription);
  • Add GTO Reports;
  • Add the Fair Play Check feature.

It was the last two points that aroused the greatest interest among operators and poker players.

GTO Reports is such a tool for checking hand history to identify opponents who play suspiciously against a person. That is, it analyzes the player's actions for conditionally "superhuman" decisions, and concludes whether a living person or a bot is playing against you.

Fair Play Check allows players to check a specific board for the last 7 days, when it was played, and find out if someone made a settlement request for this hand, and in what period of time it was.

If GTO Wizard detects a match, the program notifies the player about it, after which he can download the proof with a time stamp and send it to the operator (room). Also, in such a case, GTO Wizard assumes responsibility for assisting in any further investigations.

WPN and WPT Global were the first to announce a partnership with GTO Wizard — the solver's developers have confirmed direct cooperation with operators, during which they help determine the use of bots and tipsters.

According to Phil Nagy, he hopes to establish a new standard in the industry through this practice:

GTO Wizard technologies will contribute to maintaining not only honesty, but also security of poker. This partnership is the first step in recognizing the seriousness of the cheating problem and seeking to address it.

General Manager at WPT Global Alex Scott supported his colleague and emphasized that their network has zero tolerance for bots and fraud:

As experienced poker players, we understand the value of GTO tools to improve your game. We also understand the dangers of using these tools incorrectly. Cooperation with GTO Wizard gives us hope to expand opportunities to prevent misuse of educational and training software.

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