WSOP 2020 at GGPoker: tournament schedule

WSOP 2020 at GGPoker

Main Event WSOP has always been a grand event, and the fact that the series is to be held online this year will not affect its magnitude. Moreover, GGPoker has officially announced that the ME WSOP 2020 will be an online tournament with the largest ever prize pool.

The WSOP 2020 participants will be able to take part in the Main Event for $5 000. After paying the stated buy-in, they will be honored to compete for the largest prize pool in the history of online poker: $25 000 000!

WSOP Executive Director, Tai Stewart, earlier mentioned that the ME WSOP 2020 would be a large-scale event, but he hadn’t specified that it would be of that magnitude.

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It’s worth noting that the Main Event is not the only reason to join the World Series of Poker, as 54 more bracelet events with various buy-ins will take place in the poker room.

We suggest that you look closely at the full schedule WSOP 2020 at GGPoker, so you don't miss anything.

Full schedule WSOP 2020 at GGPoker

DataTime (UTC)TournamentBuy-in
19.07.206:30 pm$100 The Opener$100
19.07.206:00 pm$1 111 Every 1 for Covid Relief$1 111
19.07.208:00 pm$525  Super Turbo Bounty$525 
21.07.206:00 pm$5 000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship$5 000
22.07.206:00 pm$1 500 Fifty Stack NL Holdem$1 500
23.07.206:00 pm$1 050 Bounty PLO$1 050
25.07.2012:00 pm $600 Monster Stack$600
26.07.2012:00 pm$1 500 NL Holdem$1 500
26.07.206:00 pm$2 500 PLO$2 500
26.07.206:30 pm $400 Colossus (Day2)$400
26.07.207:00 pm$400 Plossus (Day2)$400
28.07.206:00 pm$10K Short Deck NL Holdem Championship$10 000
29.07.206:00 pm$2 500 NL Holdem$2 500
30.07.206:00 pm$840 Bounty NL Holdem$840
01.08.2012:00 pm$500 Deep Stack NL Holdem$500
02.08.2012:00 pm$1 000 Short Deck NL Holdem$1 000
02.08.206:30 pm Millionaire Maker (Day2)$1 500
02.08.208:00 pm$500 Turbo Deep Stack NL Holdem$500
04.08.206:00 pm$2 100 NL Holdem Bounty Championship$2 100
05.08.206:00 pm$400 PLO$400
06.08.206:00 pm$1 000 NL Holdem$1 000
08.08.2012:00 pm$800 Double Stack PLO$800
09.08.2012:00 pmHK$8K NLHE Asia Championship (Final Day)HK$ 8 000
09.08.205:00 pm$150 GG Masters WSOP Edition$150
09.08.206:00 pm$10 000 Heads Up NLHE Championship$10 000
11.08.206:00 pm$5 000 No Limit Holdem 6-handed Championship$5 000
12.08.206:00 pm$2 500 Double Stack No Limit Holdem$2 500
13.08.206:00 pm$525 Bounty No Limit Holdem 6-handed$525
15.08.2012:00 pm$300 Monster Stack NLHE 6-handed$300
16.08.206:00 pm$1 500 PLO$1 500
16.08.206:30 pm$500 Mini Main Event (Final Day)$500
16.08.208:00 pm$840 Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Holdem$840
18.08.206:00 pm$600 No Limit Holdem Deep Stack Championship$600
19.08.206:00 pm$800 PLO$800
20.08.206:00 pm$500 Limit Holdem$500
22.08.2012:00 pm$500 Deep Stack No Limit Holdem$500
23.08.2012:00 pm$1 500 Marathon No Limit Holdem$1 500
23.08.206:00 pm$25 000 NLH Poker Players Championship$25 000
23.08.206:30 pmBig 50 (Final Day)$50
25.08.206:00 pm$1 500 Limit Holdem Championship$1 500
26.08.206:00 pm$1 000 No Limit Holdem 6-handed$1 000
27.08.206:00 pm$1 500 PLO$1 500
29.08.2012:00 pm$300 Double Stack No Limit Holdem$300
30.08.206:00 pm$400 Forty Stack No Limit Holdem$400
30.08.206:30 pm$5 000 No Limit Holdem Main Event (Day2)$5 000
30.08.208:00 pm$1 000 Turbo No Limit Holdem 6-handed$1 000
01.09.206:00 pmPeoples Choice Bracelet Event (Most Popular)N/A
02.09.206:00 pmPeoples Choice Bracelet Event (Pros Vote)N/A
03.09.206:00 pmPeoples Choice Bracelet Event (Spin The Wheel)N/A
05.09.2012:00 pmPeoples Choice Bracelet Event (Most Popular)N/A
05.09.206:00 pm$1 050 Beat the Pros (Bounty)$1 050
06.09.206:00 pm$10K WSOP Super Millions$10 000
06.09.206:30 pm$100 WSOP Millions (Final Day)$100
06.09.208:00 pm$500 The Closer$500
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