blocked player’s account for a political nickname blocked player’s account for a political nickname

The poker player Tim Burt faced the problem due to his nickname in poker room. There is no offensive word in his nickname, but the fact is that such a pseudonym as "Trump 2024" has a political context that is not welcome by the poker room.

Burt posted a letter from on his Twitter:

WSOP twitter

However, Tim refuses to change his nickname. The fact is that Burt is the biggest admirer of President Trump and he has been playing under this nickname for 4 years.

Read also: PokerStars announced the number of blocked accounts in the fight against dishonest players states in its official response that figure 2024 in the nickname hints that Trump will run for a third term. This political connotation is not acceptable according to the site's policy. According to, they create a safe and easy gaming environment for all their users. In order to adhere to it, has to fight against the political messages from users. They updated the rules for creating nicknames and now all political pseudonyms are prohibited.   

The poker room highlights that the names of any political forces or candidates as nicknames are prohibited. If there were other candidates for Burt's nickname instead of Trump, his account would still be blocked.

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