An example of cheating on Asian apps

Multitabling on Asian poker apps

Video appeared on the network that showed a group of poker players who were engaged in multitabling at the same time and on the same Asian poker app.

According to the words of some users, the given video is 3 years old and it is outdated. However, the fact remains...

Joey Ingram is one of the poker players, who posted this video on his Twitter:

The legend of online poker Eric ''Sheets'' Haber wrote the comments related to Ingram's post and reminded the story about Russian Internet clubs in which it was possible to buy the time for playing on computer (not from your account, but from the account assigned to computer):

Eric ''Sheets'' Haber wrote post

Eric also stated that he faced several players under almost the same nicknames. In this regard, the style of play was different when he crossed paths with similar accounts.

Another user posted a screen with a proposal to guess who is who:

User's post

It’s hard to believe that there is no connection between these players. They can play on different locations, but the fact that they are in the same team and even don’t hide it sets alarm bells ringing.

Due to such incidents, many Asian poker apps gained a bad reputation because of inadequate security and “secret conspiracy” between the players. Therefore, you should play on such applications only through the trusted agents in the clubs with a good reputation. Because the reliable agents and clubs monitor the players’ fairness and protect the users from such fraud.

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