The Poker Club

The Poker Club

Year / Countries: 2008 / USA

Genres: thriller, drama, criminality

Budget: $3 200 000

Directors: Tim McCann

Cast: Johnny Messner (Bill Doyle), Michael Risley (Neill Solomon), Judy Reyes (Detective Patterson), Johnathon Schaech (Aaron Tyler), Jana Kramer (Trudy Todaro), Lenny Levi (Peter Vaslos)

Kinopoisk rating: -

IMDb rating: 5,3

Aaron Tyler played poker together with his three best friends on Mondays for many years. But one evening radically changed the lives of each of them. The circumstances were randomly such that the friends killed a burglar who got into Aaron’s house. The guys decided not to call the police because of fear of consequences. They got rid of the body and covered up the crime. Each of them promised to take their secret to the grave.   

However, soon the dead body of a thief was found. The guys discovered that somebody found out what they did and they started to play the killing game of revenge with those people.

The film “The Poker Club” 2008 is permeated by the atmosphere of danger and all the features of thrillers are peculiar to it, but it also has a poker component. Against the background of all investigations, suspicions and bloody events, the home poker games periodically take place, during which the characters are revealed to the audience in a special way.

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Reviews (3)
DjNANA user
User's aura DjNANA 259

Playing at home is always fun. thanks it was interesting to watch the trailer. I will definitely watch the movie!

Thomas user

I liked this movie. It has a good plot and excellent development

kingofspades user

Not bad "time-killer" movie. Can be watched once. 

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